E-2? - A robot for exhibitions

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E-2? - A robot for exhibitions
Image of the project E-2? - A robot for exhibitions
Short Description: A robot to interact with people at an exhibition
Coordinator: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Tutor: AndreaBonarini (andrea.bonarini@polimi.it)
Collaborator: DavideRizzi (), GiulioFontana (giulio.fontana@polimi.it)
Students: LorenzoRipani (ripani.lorenzo@gmail.com), DeborahZamponi (deborahzamponi@gmail.com), CristianMandelli (cristianmandelli@gmail.com), GloriaReCalegari (glo1088@hotmail.com), MariaAntoniettaDiGesu (antonietta.digesu@gmail.com), StefanoCapelli (stefano2.capelli@mail.polimi.it), FrancescoBalzani (francesco.balzani@mail.polimi.it), AntonioMicali (antonio88m@fastwebnet.it), ManuelMoroni (manuel.moroni@mail.polimi.it), MikhailVoronstov (mikhail.voronstov@mail.polimi.it), StefanoZaniboni (stefano1.zaniboni@mail.polimi.it), MarcoZanini (marco.zanini@mail.polimi.it), GiulioFiscella (giulio.fiscella@torrescalla.it), FedericoSem (fede_sem@tele2.it)
Research Area: Robotics
Research Topic: Robot development
Start: 2009/07/27
End: 2014/12/31
Status: Closed

Aim of this project is the development of a robot that can operate autonomously at exhibitions and malls to attract people to a given location, by showing interesting behaviors.

The robot first exhibition has been at Robotica 2009, within HI-Tech Expo at [Fiera di Milano], on November 23-25, 2009. It was also presented in the second edition at [Robotica 2010] Here, the robot had to go around in an area delimited by a white stripe and contact verbally and with gestures people entering the area, in order to attract them to the booth.

The robot body has been implemented in collaboration with [Pupazzia], who has designed and implemented the external shape.

Lorenzo Ripani has worked on bringing the robot home while engaging the user, implementing a SLAM system based on Kinect used as a laser scanner, developing all the needed functionalities and integrating all the work done on E-2? to produce a system demonstrated at DEIB-POLIMI open day in 2014.

Deborah Zamponi and Cristian Mandelli worked on the gestual interaction between the robot and people to detect interest of people.

Stefano Capelli is re-implementing the inner body of E-2? to make it more stable and robust.

Gloria Re Calegari worked on the development of the localization system for E-2?

Maria Antonietta Di Gesu focused on the development of the interaction for E-2?

Manuel Moroni and Antonio Micali have worked on behaviors for E-2? for the HCI Lab Course at the master level.

Mikhail Voronstov, Stefano Zaniboni, and Marco Zanini have worked on behaviors for E-2? for the HCI Lab Course at the master level.

Giulio Fiscella and Federico Sem have worked on making more robust the face detection system, for their BS Thesis discussed on July 2010.

Francesco Balzani has developed some behaviors, using MRT, as its IOL first level thesis discussed on February 22, 2010, Available from the discussion page.

Davide Rizzi has implemented the hardware and control SW starting from a Janus base originally developed for [Robocup]

First images with the larger crest


Images at Robotica 2009



Some expressions.

Interest detection and reaction

The integrated functionalities