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This page is a repository of links to the pages describing finished projects done at AIRLab. Please note that older projects did not have a wiki page and therefore are not cited here.

Projects are listed by research area. Areas are defined in the Main Page; for each project a name and a link to its AIRWiki page are given.

Agents, Multiagent Systems, Agencies

BioSignal Analysis

Affective Computing

Brain-Computer Interface
Automatic Detection Of Sleep Stages

Computer Vision and Image Analysis


Machine Learning

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence


Social Software and Semantic Web

Social Network Analysis

Semantic Search
  • SeQuEx (SeQuEx - Semantic Query Expansion)

Semantic Wikis

Semantic Filesystems

Semantic Tagging

Semantic Annotations
  • TaggyFS (TaggyFS)
  • JOFS (Java Ontology for File Storage)

Description Logics