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This property is used to indicate that a Project belongs to one (ore more) Research Topic.

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3D Scene Understanding +Robotics  +


A Unifying Framework for Semantic Annotation +Semantic Annotations  +
A firefox extension for semantic annotations +Semantic Annotations  +
A tool to find and store annotations into a unifying semantic ontology +Semantic Annotations  +
AGW +Robot development  +
AI in Racing Games +Computational Intelligence and Games  +
Accurate AR Marker Location +None  +
Adaptive Behaviors for Robogames +Robot development  +
Adaptive Predicates +Robot development  +
Affective Robot force sensor +Robot development  +
Affective Robotic Rehabilitation of Upper Limbs +Affective Computing And BioSignals  +
Affective VideoGames +Affective Computing And BioSignals  +
Alien-Bot +Robogames  +
Annotation aggregators from social applications +Semantic Annotations  +
Aperiodic visual stimulation in a VEP-based BCI +Brain-Computer Interface  +
Autistic Children Play Robot +Robogames  +
Automatic Content Generation in Computer Games +Computational Intelligence and Games  +
Automatic Differentiation Techniques for Real Time Kalman Filtering +None  +
Autonomous Robot for emotional interaction +Robot development  +


BCI on Sockets +Brain-Computer Interface  +
Balancing robots: Tilty, TiltOne +Robot development  +
Ballbot +Robot development  +
Barking Robots +Robot development  +
BasketBot +Robogames  +
Behavior recognition from visual data +None  +
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