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* [[Correlation-based 3D reconstruction with pan/tilt stereo-camera]]
* [[Correlation-based 3D reconstruction with pan/tilt stereo-camera]]
* [[Inverse scaling parametrization for Monocular Simultaneous Localization and Mapping]]
==== [[Machine Learning]] ====
==== [[Machine Learning]] ====

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This page is a repository of links to the pages describing the projects we are currently working on at AIRLab. See the list of our finished projects on the Finished Projects page.

Ongoing projects

by research area (areas are defined in the Main Page); for each project a name and a link to its AIRWiki page is given

Agents, Multiagent Systems, Agencies

BioSignal Analysis

Affective Computing
Brain-Computer Interface
Automatic Detection Of Sleep Stages
Analysis of the Olfactory Signal

Computer Vision and Image Analysis

Machine Learning

Ontologies and Semantic Web

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence


Robot development
Bio Robotics

Note for students

If you are a student and there isn't a page describing your project, this is because YOU have the task of creating it and populating it with (meaningful) content. If you are a student and there IS a page describing your project, you have the task to complete that page with (useful and comprehensive) information about your own contribution to the project. Be aware that the quality of your work (or lack of it) on the AIRWiki will be evaluated by the Teachers and will influence your grades.

Instructions to add a new project or to add content to an existing project page are available at Projects - HOWTO.